How dedicated are you to yoyoing? How much do you yoyo a day? How much of that time do you spend practicing? Have you ever done something big to help the yoyo community?

The first question can be answered by answering the ones following it.

I find myself to be yoyoing a ton each day (probably around 3 to 4 hours if I can; if possible, even more), and about half of that time is trying to learn or create something new. As far as doing something big for the yoyo community, not really. However, I am known to organize contests on these forums and I also run the Fantasy Yoyo League.

What about all of you?

Just thought of this one: How many of you have seen Soul Surfer?

If you do not know this movie (or at least the story), you should really check out the book/movie/story. It is very interesting.
The story is about a young girl named Bethany Hamilton, who is a professional surfer. One day, she was out surfing and lost her arm in a shark attack. But, she fought through her injury and was back out surfing a month or two later. She spent hours a day in the water practicing for the upcoming Regional contest that she was sure she would miss. However, she places 2nd (or maybe 3rd) in the Regional contest, and has been going strong ever since. The following year, she won Regionals.
This just shows how much dedication she had. It is amazing to think she even set foot in the water after the disaster. I know I wouldn’t have. But, she fought her fear, and continued doing what she loved.

So, really, how dedicated are you?

Dedicated enough that if I were to lose an arm I would keep throwing!

In all seriousness though, the past few weeks have been pretty chaotic (maybe a bit of a stretch, let’s say crazy just to be safe) so I haven’t been able to do as much. This week however, things will be starting to change, just need to get over a few hurdles I have like magic drop. $*^& that trick. Finally settled into my new place, etc. etc. so I should be able to put more time to this amazing sport ;D

Ive got ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis, (they sound worse than they are) and even on my worst flare days I will still throw a couple times. It really sucks when my arms won’t go past 90 degrees…woof, try throwing a breakaway with that kind of swelling. Doesn’t stop me though, I keep going.

I would call it dedication when I keep messing up a trick and keep trying it no matter how sick of it I am. But my dedication is driven by my passion for the sport. I have only found a few things in my life that I have had so fun and and instant passion for, yo-yoing is one of them.

I love every aspect of this sport, I love watching videos, learning new tricks, talking with people in the community who have the same love for it I do. I look forward to going to conventions, contests, and visiting parts of the community around the world when I travel. I have only been involved for about 4-6 months and can honestly say I won’t be going anywhere soon. For me though, I would call it more of a passion than dedication.

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I yo everyday. However, some days much more than others. I use yoyoing to fill the in gaps between all the other things I do. Yoyoing isn’t my life it just makes life better. Dedicated? I’m not a competitor, I’m not a demonstrator, just a guy with a yoyo. I guess I’m not really very dedicated at all if you choose to look at it through the eyes of being driven to always be on the cutting edge of creativity and competing. Yoyoing is still something I enjoy every day and that started long ago when I was quite young. It’s a part of my life and always will be, not because it is something that I force myself to do, but because it’s a good habit that I enjoy. I even enjoy the feel of the toy in my hands.

So, what I have I contributed to the community? Not nearly as much as the community has contributed to me.

I yoyo everyday and its a big hobby for me so i work hard at it.