Dedicated beginner questions/recommendation

I use 50/50 strings for days to weeks depending on how much I’m throwing. I change strings mainly because of the string eventually getting grungy, never had a break. I like 50/50 because it stays consistent over hours of play. I’ve never had a poly string break on me, but I find they get ‘fuzzy’ after a hour or so and that affects my play and makes them feel ‘worn’ to me.

To each his own though. Different people are going to look for different qualities in their string. Best to sample different types and find what works best for you individually.

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When I started seriously playing, not that I’m all that serious :P, I purchased a hundred 50/50 and a hundred poly strings. Some responses, such as dif pads work better with 50/50 and yet I like poly on other throws. It’s kind of funny but I still buy both 50/50 and 100%poly strings by the hundreds.

The thing about having a lot of string around is that you are more likely to change it before it breaks. You really don’t save much money by playing string longer than you should. If it breaks you risk damaging the yo, property, hitting someone, or your pets.


So my friend just gave me her Duncan Metal Drifter. Its OK. I took out one of the friction sticker to make it less responsive. Is this a good yoyo to stick with? If not, Ill stick with my final decision to get a Whip or Lyn Fury.