I’ve looked at some pretty awesome yo-yos but my decision comes down to the DV888 and the Frantic. Which should i choose?

I like yo-yos with:

*Buttuerfly shape
*Long sleep
*Silent sleeping


That wasn’t too specific seeing as how both of those will sleep plenty long, will balance well, will probably sleep quietly depending on that particular bearing, and both are butterfly.

Anywho, which shape do you like more? The Frantic is a bit bigger but 2 grams lighter.

Failed!!! Lol.

Anyways try being more specific like Ape said. Try at least adding the weight, response, etc.

That was specific enough for me.
The DV888 will serve your preferences much better. Why?
The Frantic may not be too stable, but it is decently stable.
Thay will both sleep long, but the Frantic looses spin time quickly.
The Frantic has a very unique angular shape, nothing like a butterfly shape. Even though the DV888 is flat rimmed, it is closer to a butterfly shape than the Frantic.
They willl both sleep silent, but any yoyo willl be loud once broken in, if you want it to always be silent, get some thin lube if you haven’t already.

0.02 inches that is.

The Dv888 can get off-balance. It is a shape that is a bit weird. If you don’t center it properly, it WILL show!

Frantic - the butterfly shape.