Deciding between YYR TurningPoint or YoyoJoker

Hi guys!
Looking for a really nice fast yoyo, with a floaty feel, full to oversized for body tricks and Horizontal.

I’m looking at
TP Positron
YYJ Double joker LF

And if you have a suggestion
Please make sure it’s Available on YYE and in stock please? Looking at 7075 Alu yoyos mainly!

Clash is not that fast. It is oversized but not fast. Double Joker LF is probably your best bet.

Double Joker LF

Describe it’s play and how it feels?
It’s 61 grams and I’m afraid it might be too light
For it size!

Please guys!

The 61g weight is deceiving because The DJ LF is meant to be full sized and powerful. Trust me light weight on high end throws do not cause the throws to have little rim weight or any spinning force.

You can betcha the DJ LF will suit you well : )
With the little weight given the DJ LF will still spin amazingly and solid on the string