deadly trick


I do love this  trick, but I can’t do it anymore :frowning:

with that x-brain, but i have more ;D


holy **** some people just dont treasure yoyos aint it sad :’(

(M²) #3

yah but you gotta admit, that was pretty cool


oh i do treasure my yoyos ;D. I use them almost everyday. A while back, I recieved a bunch of these, but no matter what I did, this one just refused to sleep. I think it was defective, so…
Anyway, I have moved up from yomega and now use a yyj legacy and a yyf tactic.


but x brains are supposed to return…that’s what they do

(M²) #6

yes but there also supposed to be able to sleep if you throw it hard enough


that was the stupidiest thing ever

(DOGS) #8

If you were ever chatting with a kid about your yoyos or something, you could’ve given this one to them. that wouldve been cool


I know this guy. He is treasures his yoyos. I really don’t know what came over him here… ??? ???

(M²) #10

i think yomega did…


Truth be told I have felt like that once in a while with my yomegas, but I haven’t done anything quite like this. ;D

Moment of silence :’(

Meh who likes yomega anyway?


so true! ;D


words of wisdom


what did the yoyo do to you?
lol :smiley:


It was put in my hands! ;D


I had a yoyo that made me very angry so I did the same thing. It was metal so it didn’t go as easy. I first started with just smashing it on the ground but now I am drilling holes in it andd I am trying to cut it in half with my router. Next I think I’ll burn it…

(M²) #17

I don’t know why you’d do that to a metal yoyo, but i am curious which one is it?


yea which yoyo do you like smash to the floor


sure was i loled sooo hard :smiley:

(jared) #20

i dont see why you guys are saying its soo sad… its his yoyo he can do what he wants with it