dead yoyo trick

Can someone explain this trick to me? My yoyo is giving me absolutely no reaction when I attempt this. Don’t even understand how it is working for the guy in the video :stuck_out_tongue:

What yoyo are you using? It helps that he is using a responsive yoyo, if I’m not mistaken.

This will not work with yoyos that are dead unresponsive. Your yoyo needs to catch your response system for that maneuver to work.

Try hand or thumb starting the yoyo. Those techniques work better for very unresponsive yoyos.

Ahh, okay. My yoyo isn’t dead unresponsive, but its pretty close. Thanks guys.

Well, you can do this with a dead unresponsive yoyo. I can at least. It doesn’t work near as well though as a hand or thumb start.

u have to be using a responsive yoyo an this works buecause when u pulll the string through like that the string is catching an it will give the yoyo the momentuem it needs i just did it with my yoyo an i did everything but catch it an when i dropped it my yoyo was spinning

Read. Thanks:

EDIT: Put in the wrong quote on accident.

hahahahahaha awesome song

make an extra loop over the bearing