De-anodization question

Okay so im planning on de anodizing another yoyo but this time i only want to do specific parts of the yoyo. ( i use the sodium hydroxide method btw) my question is what would be the best material to use as a mask that can stand up to the sodium? Thanks!


If you are using oven cleaner, or drain cleaner, which is most commonly used for stripping the anodize, there’s nothing you can do.

If you want to strip certain areas, try sanding.

The sodium hydroxide will cause the ano to peel away.

look up alkaline resistant materials or maskings, I think there were waxes that could be used for this.

don’t forget that after sodium hydroxide goes through the anodized layer, it will start oxidizing the aluminium under it, so be careful.

You could use silicone to mask, sodium hydroxide can’t eat through silicone or rubber.

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