Day tripper question

Hey @DocPop any update on the day trippers? I know originally there was a target mid April date. No fuss or stress just wasn’t sure if I missed an update.

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Hey, there was a shortage of quality aluminum in the US which pushed us way back. One Drop finished machining in mid-May and we are waiting for them to get anodized and etched now.
Did you order from my site or from Jeremy’s? If you ordered from me, you should have received an update in May about the delay. I’ll send one more update once they arrive just to make sure we have everyone’s address is still up to date.


I ordered through zipline, appreciate you passing that information along! Much appreciated!

Do you mean March or April perhaps?

ZipLine also sent an update out through email.


Totally possible I missed it

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Oops, Mid-April is when machining began. Not Mid-May.

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I figured. Thanks Doc. Super excited to take a day trip soon!

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Worth the wait, Day Tripper is fantastic.


Very excited to get one!

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i just emailed you guys @DocPop regarding this. then i find this thread.

coming soon then, i hope.

looking forward to it.


Is there going to be another run? I missed out on this one.

There should be some extras that go up for sale after the preorders are fulfilled (preorders look to be shipping this week). Keep an eye on Doc Pop & ZipLine shop / email / Insta


@DocPop and @jeremy Thanks to everyone involved in the project to get these rolled out, excited to get throwing! These are the box goodies I love! Makes things feel personal, reminds me there are faces behind all of this!


Thanks for your support and patience. I think Jeremy and I have shipped out all of our Day Tripper pre-orders. It’s a huge relief to finally get these out. I’m hella jealous of the note you received. Jeremy always writes the nicest messages. When time allows, I try to take a photo with each package before it goes out the door, but due to the volume and time limitations, this was the best I could do for this batch.


Super cool Doc! I’m going to jump on one of these the first chance I get.

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