Is anyone else missing cards like the 2011 deck from the Yoyo day order. Im my case, i understand that they might have ran out because i placed my order at 11:00 pm but i didn’t even get the 2013 cards…bummer :-\


I don’t know. I haven’t received my box yet. I asked YYE to hold my order so a couple of other items could be crammed in there to save on shipping. I may not see my box until next Monday, but I’m absolutely cool with that.

Did you contact YYE about this first? I always recommend handling issues like this directly with YYE. They are good people and work very hard to ensure we, the buying public, get great customer service.


I got mine on friday, with the 2011 and 2013 cards. Although I DID order at around 8 in the morning, before school


I will let you know when I get home. My order is waiting for me at home lol Im excited gots me a few new bearings


Mine has everything but I also ordered first thing in the morning.


It all good, YYE said that were gonna send them. Dat customer service :smiley:


I got a full 2011 deck and some 2013 cards, and I ordered at about 10:00 PM.


I got my 2011 cards and 3 card packs of 2013 with my chief ;D


As promised the update…I got my cards the 2011 and my 2013 pack.


I was so excited when I opened the pack and saw a Yuuki Spencer Limited Edition card :smiley:


I got a john higby legend!! (just remembered this)


I got all the 2011 cards and two packs of 2013 cards with my order (just barely got over fifty since I ordered the Theory with 15% off).