Darkmagic, X-Convict Hitman,.... rusty rim

I’m from Vietnam, and our weather is pretty damp, which cause rusty rim in almost every metal rim/plastic body yoyojam yoyo like the dark magic, X-Convict,… and it looks horrible. I’ve used a protostar for 6 month but its rim doesn’t seem to rust at all but my Dark magic’s rim rust after 2 months of yoyoing
anyway to fix it?

I’d suggest to seal the metal rims with a clear liquid coating that you can paint on. Maybe a clear acrylic or something that shields the metal from moisture. A paint or hardware store can help you with this.

Yes, the metal on the Protostar doesn’t rust because it’s painted and anodized.

Technically they are not rusting since they’re aluminum. It is corrosion and oxidation caused by your climate and skin oils. You can remove it with a metal polish. If you wipe them down regularly after that they should stay fairly nice. As mentioned above you could coat them with a clear acrylic.

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It should not be rusting. Just to clarify, are the rims reddish brown or grey? If they are grey, it is only the tarnishing of the metal, which can easily be removed with metal polish. If they are reddish brown (which it shouldn’t), then it is rust, which can only be removed using vinegar.

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Try this Rust Off

Baking soda + damp paper towel. Takes aluminium oxide right off and doesn’t hurt plastic

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