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How Often Or How Much Time Would It Take For Aluminum Rims To Rust?

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Aluminum doesn’t rust. Steel on the other hand does.


yeah, it doesnt rust i think. But it will turn blackish/grey after like 2 weeks of play because of your hand dirt/sweat.


Straight from the YoYoJam website…

How do I clean my YoYoJam yoyo?

Many of the YoYoJam models have metal rings. They do eventually tarnish and cleaning them will make them look brand new again. You can use any kind of non-acetone metal polish cleaner, available at most department stores.

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To clean that, use water and if it’s still there, use non acetone. It should be safe for the plastic.


Rust is oxidization (big word). Iron is the only metal or element that rusts. Steel is therefore not an element DUH, but it is made from different metals with different mixtures, all of them CONTAIN IRON. So is is going to rust. Stainless steel dust not rust though, something to do with a coating on it, I’m not sure. But basically aluminum won’t rust.


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To keep this mess going and to add a little to the subject aluminum gets a coating that is white and we call it white rust it is caused by oxidization on the surface from sitting water and junk on the surface the only to get rid of it is to grind it off. Stainless steel is diffrent it has nickel in it and that prohibits rust but a lower grade stainless will rust because it has to little nickel in it. Just for fun and maby to be cantankerious I had to add my two cents worth (and by the way I’m a sheetmetal worker and deal with this stuff all the time) ;D

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