Dark Sonic Finish


Is the blast on the Dark Sonic like the Mo-Vitation’s? I may be obtaining a Dark Sonic and am going to be using it as my new main fingerspin yoyo (I’m using a Zeekio Core right now as main thow in general). I plan on obtaining both, but if you have both which do you prefer for fingerspins?


There are two finishes on the Darksonic; blasted and non-blasted more of a polishy finish. The Mo-Vitation has the non-blasted polishy finish on the body and the blasted finish in the cup. Am I making sense? The Mo-Vitation’s cup is blasted to make finger spins last longer. I have a Darksonic in the blasted finish and the entire thing has a nice grindable finish. If your looking to do a lot of grinding other than finger spins go with the Darksonic. However, if your looking to do mainly finger spins go for the Mo-Vitation. The Mo still grinds okay, considering it’s polishy finish, and the thing was made with finger spins as it’s number one priority so it’ll handle them perfectly. Finger spins can be done on almost any throw though and you’ll be happy with your two new C3 throws ;D.

And just to sell the Mo a little bit more some videos of it with Ethan Wong!! The Mo is his signature throw.

At AP 2013, he placed 17th

At EYYC 2013, he placed 10th in the open division

Before the Mo was released C3 put out about 4 video tutorials on finger spins. This is the first one and the get progressively harder. :slight_smile:

Some more finger spin love :smiley:

Well it seems like I just abused the use of embedding videos. Hope you have time to watch them all. I would’ve put more videos, but then I got the feeling that I’d be torturing you…

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Yeah, what I meant are the blasts on the yoyos the same? Or does one have a better finish in the cup?

P.S. I’m a huge fan of C3 too!


C3 made the Darksonic in two different finishes. One finish is polishy and the other is blasted. The blasted one is good for grinding. The purple, green, and I think gold are the ones that are blasted. The other colors have a polishy finish. C3 made the Mo-Vitation in one finish. Non-blasted polishy body and blasted cup area.

Mo-Vitation: Body is polishy, cup is blasted

Darksonic: Depending on which color you choose, either the whole this is blasted(body, cups, and everything is blasted) or the entire thing is non-blasted(body, cups and everything are not blasted)

The blast for the the cup on the Mo-Vitation isn’t as fine as the finish on the Darksonic, but it still finger spins longer than the Darksonic