Dark Sonic, Capsule 2, Mo-vitation

All 3 are C3YD and all of them have the center groove to help improve on thumb grind tricks (I want to learn it). I prefer a average or undersized yoyo. As far as I know all of these are under 56mm in Diameter. Anyone ever used any of them and whats your opinion?

I’d take a look at the Glitter. I believe the Mo-tovation is just a berserker without the rings and the glitter is an smaller berserker so it’d make more sense to go with the Glitter. I personally wasn’t a fan of the dark sonic but I can’t speak for the others. I owned a berserker and loved it though so the shape is great.

Thumb grind usually (I guess not always?) refers to IRGs. Do you mean the indentation that’s meant to help with fingerspins?


Haven’t tried the others, but I’m quite fond of my Dark Sonic.

I have a dark sonic for sale it is perfectly mint. Message me if you are interested.