Thoughts on c3yoyodesign Mo-Vitation?


How good is it for horizontal play, I know it’s good for finger spins… how good is it on thumb grinds, finger grinds, Palm grinds, and arm grinds, plus how good is it in normal play? Please tell me about the stability, specs, grinds, tech tricks (ladder escape, kamikaze, etc.)etc. Can I use normal response pads or do I need so.during like clyw tires? Am I ready for it? I’m still learning tricks from the expert part one and two section and some master level tricks. Thank you.


I actually had one, hated the way it played, traded it and then I realized how big of a mistake I made. It’s actually coming back to me in the mail. All that aside, if you can bind then you’re ready for a mo-vitation. I didn’t have it long, maybe a week, but during that time I was able to see how smooooth it was on the string. It was one of the smoothest yoyos I’ve thrown, but I’ve never thrown a general yo so I can’t say it’s the smoothest out there. It’s pretty stable not as stable as a dark sonic or h5, but if you don’t play sloppily you’ll be okay. The finish on the mo-vitation is like all of C3’s polishy finishes, doesn’t grind as good as a bead blast, but it grinds better than a plastic. The cup on the mo-vitation has a nice finish though which makes it great for finger spins and probably great at thumb grinds. The specs aren’t listed on the yye store, which is really strange, so I’ll paste them here from a different location.

Weight (g) 67.7
Diameter (mm) 55.53
Width (mm) 43.40
Catch zone (mm) 39
Shape Step Straight
Body Material Aluminum
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Bearing Size Size C (Large)
Response C3 Silicone Pad large

I changed some of the wording, but the specs are the same. Since the mo-vitation uses C3’s pads you won’t be able to use regular 19mm pads because C3’s pads are 21mm. Basically, C3’s pads are bigger. If you’ve tried a Berserker or the Beserker RX, both cost $180, then this will play like it’s speedy little brother. I have a Berserker RX and I actually prefer the Mo-Vitation to it because it is smaller and faster. It’s my preference though and it might not be yours. If you do plan on buying the Mo-Vitation I recommend you get the gray with pink acid wash because it gives you 5 pairs of IR pads that are made specifically to fit the Mo-Vitation. It’s $20 more, which brings the price up to $110, but it’s completely worth it because IR pads are said to be the best response pads by many. You also won’t have to worry about running out of pads ;D. Just remember that buying a really expensive yoyo doesn’t make you any better than you already are, unless you’re coming from a really crappy yoyo like a Yomega Fireball. I’ll be getting my Mo-Vitation in about 3 days so if have any more questions shoot me a pm. I’m also a C3 fangirl so I have a few of their throws if want comparison pics, once again, shoot me a pm. Get one quick cause there’s only 3 left!

Disclosure: Some of my thoughts might be biased because I’m a C3 fangirl and my hands are tiny compared to many people so my preferences will most likely be very different from yours. Most third graders’ hands are bigger than mine and I’m 15! ;D


I had a budget of $120 and I am planning to start looping and 2a :D. I’m gonna buy the unleashed two handed pack from yotricks. Com so that brings my budget down to $85… I’m just gonna buy buy two pairs of their custom silicone pads just to be safe because I think those are what the yoyo comes with…(please tell me if those are what they come with or not)…I think my parents will let me go $15 over budget :/? If not I might buy a czm84vk instead…