dark magic vs atmosphere

I just bought YYJ atmosphere, I also have dark magic. I am trying to decide rather to keep the dark magic or sell it.

Well what one do you prefer…

Dark magic is great to yo yo with but the atmosphere is smaller. I don’t know both feel the same but selling the dark magic I can use that money and buy the 888.

I think yyj DarkMagic is better. :wink:

I agree with YOYOEXPERT213, the DM is a lot better, i’d keep it.

I would sell the DM because I don’t like the hybrid response at all. If you like the shape, the legacy is plastic and cheaper, but you should definitely get the 888.

Everybody’s gonna have their preferences, you knew that before you made this thread. You don’t really put it on someone else’s mind to decide for you. You need to make your own decisions, and you’ll be better off in life doing so.

If you want the money more then the DM go right ahead and sell the it. Are you still playing your DM or will it collect dust??? You should consider this reason as well unless you are a collector. It is up to you to decide what to do with your throw devices.

PS~888 is one of the smoothest yoyo I own.

Wow king825 I was just asking people opinions. I have decided already after doing research online and through the forums. But thanks for the advise tho. Keeping the dm and buying the 888 when I get better is the plan.

I personally prefer the Atmosphere. But I wouldn’t sell the DM, You can never have too many throws :wink: