Dark Magic Screeching Noise?

I just got a dark magic today and whenever i land a trapeze it will sometimes make a screeching noise.The screeching noise happens alot when i do ripcord. Thanks for the help.

Don’t worry. This is just the string rubbing up against the starburst. This often happens with yoyos that have hybrid response, or starburst response. Try to throw straighter - So chances are it won’t rub against it. Also, you may want to invest in a KonKave bearing to keep the yoyo away from the sides.

Yeah, we know that. Its normal when it screeches, all the yoyos always have that and yoyo players think its ok that to have the yoyo with screeching noise. IF you don’t like the screeching noise yoyo, then you lube the yoyo by yourself or help with your partner.
Here’s a guide to lube the yoyo:

Thick lube makes the yoyo responsive (the yoyo returns to your hand without binding)


Thin lube makes the yoyo responsive (the yoyo cannot return to your hand without bind, it can only return to your hand WITH BIND)


This video shows you how to lube the yoyo:

I hope you understand more.  :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]

This video shows you how to lube the yoyo:

I hope you understand more.  :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]
okay thanks but do i have to open up the bearing to add the lube cause i will proably mess up the bearing if i try opening it up

If you do a careful job, you won’t mess it up. If you are afraid to, ask your partner to help you.
The answer is yes.

Happy Throwing! =]

No! The noise is not because of the bearing. Also, not every yoyo does that. I don’t hihgly suggest you lube or clean the yoyo, just get a straighter throw.

Ok, folks, lubing the bearing isn’t going to help with this, as the bearing isn’t causing the noise you’re hearing.

The noise is being caused by the string touching the sides of the gap. The only thing that will correct this is a perfect throw. Work on that. :wink:

Yeah, but its still the same thing. The bearing might make noise while spinning; when the yoyo lands on the string, it make noises too.

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PS: Think about this: When you throw a yoyo without tricks and without the string(wrapped the bearing) touches the side of the gap, it also make noises, because of the bearing and the string.

Heh! Speak for yourself. :wink:

I know a bearing noise and i have a Dark Magic and i know what the noise is. Samad and DocRobot is right. It’s the string rubbing the side/starburst and is making the screeching noise. A bearing noise is diffrent from a screech.