Dark magic 2 why

So my dark magic two is being…weird. I don’t know what it is. I throw it down and usually it’ll make a spin scream noise (you know, the loud SHHHHHH) but then i’ll feel a jolt in the string and it’ll be dead quiet. Also, when i twist the yoyo back on the axle (firmly, i’m not over tightening) it’ll jump like it’s stripped. I put new bearing and pads and string on it (expect for the string, bear and pads have been worn in).
My question is what would cause this weird jolt and make it dead quiet, and would i need a new axel to fix it?

It sounds as if you might have something in the bearing seat. Try cleaning it.

Also I don’t know why this is in the unrelated section. Try putting questions like this in “Looking for Help” or “Maintenance and Modifications”.

Maybe get a new bearing? That would probably be the quickest and easiest way.

Get a new axle.