Dark Magic Problem

Its is not really a problem, but i have the Royal Dark Magic. The Gold rims are getting worn off. it was Scratch alot. I was wondering if u guys know a sulotion to this… Even if it Cost money

I don’t know that there is a whole lot you can do to keep the gold on the rims, other than maybe getting an anno job done.

sorry but i dont know waht an Anno job is

Annodization (Anno) is a chemical process to alter the color of aluminum. When you see a colored metal such as a DV888, the color is usually from an Anno job.

England1414 does some annoing.

Send him a PM about your problenm and see what he has to say.

Oh Thanks this will really help

Anno wont work… it will just eat the plastic part of my yoyo… People any more ideas

You should be able to get the rims annoed independatly.

England1414 IS realtively new to annoing.

Sorry for the bad referance.

maybe try this, he isn’t taking many jobs but if you get luck he’ll do something for you.


The link doesnt work, one too many n s
Just a fyi

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The link works perfectly fine.

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