Dark magic problem


My dark magic turns my string black really quick and i m not sure why could it be the oring? by the way its black dark magic if that helps.

(JayVee) #2

Yes, it’s the o-ring. Fresh rubber o-rings tend to make string black. The blackening doesn’t really affect the string other than changing its color.


This man speaks the truth.


In the future, unless it has potential to help somebody out, don’t leave a post. I’m not trying to discourage you from posting, just try to leave out unnecessary posts. Thanks.


I’m extremely discouraged. :confused:


Using dark colored string or any other string other than white might help.


My string is green it gets like sickly green lol


Yeah, it’s just the O-Rings. No matter what (unless you do some modification to them) they turn the string black. That’s one of the response systems I hate the mostb for that and some other reasons.


Yes, Modify, You could take out the O-Ring and buy a silicone response to put in it. They usually come in white and won’t turn your string black. :slight_smile:


Yeah i have rtv but i liked the oring.