Black string?


Does anyone have any experience with black string? If you please let me know. did you think it was hard to see, how did it look and stuff like that.

(Bína) #2

Hardly visible, maybe looks good on pictures, but irl just boring.

Some colours are just useless on strings, but people still buys them, maybe they want to have something unusual? But black, dark purple, dark blue, just avoid them.


Dislike black string. But that’s just my preferences. I just prefer brighter strings, like neon yellow or green.

TotalArtist loves black strings. Again, preferences. Then again, black goes with everything, right?

The good news if you like black stings, they do have bulk strings in that color.


I started playing black string last night and love it! Unless your playing in the dark you should be fine.


Thanks for all the feedback. I placed my order with YYSL and it should be here soon. I’ll post my experience shortly.


My black kitty felt slightly different from the other colors, but maybe I just noticed after it was old. Visibility wise, I could see it just fine, except at night. My house’s carpet is light colored, so that might be it.