Dark Magic maintenance question

The Dark Magic inner part of the string gap is plastic and I need to clean the bearing using white spirit which when comes in touch with plastic it ruins it.

So my question is how long should I leave the bearing to dry before applying the thin lube and putting the bearing back in its place ?

Thanks in advance

To wash the bearing with mineral spìrits you have to take the bearing out of the yoyo. After you wash it
and there is no more spirits on the bearing you apply a tiny drop of thin lube and put the shield again to the bearing.

Here is a video on how to clean bearing, to take out the shield you can use a needle.

Thanks for the video

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If you blow the bearing out with compressed air after you clean it, you should be fine to put it back in, especially if you lightly lube it.

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Oh, compressed air works well for getting the excess Mineral Spirits dry. You can also dry it by spinning it on the end of a pencil for about 5 minutes (as the video says).