Dark magic II- should I buy it or not?


Shoud I buy a dark magic II or not? I’ve heard good stuff about it, and ba stuff. Is it worth it or not, and I’m also offering a HOT yoyo to trade for one.

(major_seventh) #2

Nah, don’t get one (at least not new).

DEFINITELY don’t trade a HOT for one. Shudders…


lol trading a H.O.T. for a DMII.


I have a shutter, I love it but I HATE the hot and am willing to trade it!


If you already have a shutter, the DM2 would likely be a downgrade for you. Esp if you already have time on a HOT.

Perhaps you should take a look at the Horizon? Lots of folks are saying nice things about it, and the horizontal play it encourages.


Wait for the Cypher.


I have it :grimacing:


really, throwing a DM II may give you something you never able to get from any metal yoyo.