Dark Magic II Responsiveness issue

I recently used a pencil put graphite in my ball bearing to spin longer (The Narrow Bearing), and some graphite got on the silicone pads. Now, the yoyo is too responsive. Will it be best to use saliva to remove that extra graphite from the silicone pads?

You are just going to worsen your yoyo now. I suggest not to experement like that anymore.

Purchase a full C sized bearing. Here are your options that i recommend. Im sorry, but if you want an unresponsive DM2, youll need a new bearing.

Also, NO LUBE IS NEEDED!!! You might make your yoyo responsive again!


http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/186/YoYoExpert-Bearing  It has to be the  size C!

http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/55/YYJ-Bearings It has to be the large size C or SPEED

http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/62/YYF-Bearings SPEC X

I do not recommend any grooved or concaved bearings out there, in my experience, its just a burden of budled up strings and a more steep price (for example, konkave, twisted trifecta, crucial grooved) And even if im an avid fan of yoyofactory, DO NOT BUY the center trac bearing. It is very prone to locking up and breaking.

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Who told you to put GRAPHITE into your bearing???

Just clean the bearing in the normal manner. Find a suitable method here: List of useful modification and maintenance guides. Don’t apply any lube to the bearing (or use very little) if you want a longer spin.

You can clean the graphite off the pads with soap and water, after which you should dry it thoroughly.

Also if you use graphite you need to make sure you have all the liquid type lube, and cleaner out of the bearing. It needs to be totaly clean with no oils at all in it.
Then add the graphite. I would bet you still won’t like how it plays.

i think op may have saw terrapin dry lube and thought he can Substitute it with graphite

Dosent a DM2 come with a Size C unresponsive bearing? He said he had a Slim bearing in,

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I think he said he lost it in one of the three threads he has already created about this one yoyo.

Got it ;).

Just buy a new one for 6 or 7 bucks. AND BUY A PARTS CASE FOR IT!!

The DM2 comes with a slim bearing.

It comes with both the slim and the speed bearing. One for beginner and one for advanced.

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Ok, to summon it up.

He has LOST his big C bearing, and is trying to make his DM2 unresponsive another way. It WAS unresponsive because he was using Graphite as lube. He got some on the response and now it is responsive. He wants to make it unresponsive.

The answer, buy one of the bearings Supbreh mentioned.