Dark Magic Help ASAP

Hey guys I need help with my Dark Magic I just got a KK and its really bad you flick it on the yoyo and it spins for like not even 1 second so should I get a dorothy bearing or what should I do because I love my Dark Magic I like it even better than my G5 wow! But still Please help me and yes you Samad would be the best person to help me so please help tell me what I should buy or do differntly ithink im going to get thin lube and a dorothy bearing but tell me if i should do anyhting differnt or tell me if im right. :wink:

KK ?

Ok KKs ned time to break in. Just play with it for a while. also dorthy bearing are great, i dont have one but heard great things

Make sure you didn’t push the konkave too far into the bearing groove.
It may be caught on the edge of the plastic.
Try pulling it out and just lightly putting it back in the yo-yo.

Yeah, what André said. Also, it takes time to break in, so just be patient.

Also, dorothys are great. They are a pretty sensitive, so I dont highly recommend them, but thye are unresponsive out of the package, and make the yoyo spin soooo much longer.

thanks guys and yoyoexpert but thats not the problem iv had the bearing for 1 month now and i hate to take it out cause thats what squishes the part that spins into the part that stays locked in any more help or im just going to get a dorothy bearing