Dark Magic for Offstring?

Hey guys, I recently got into yoyoing, but as an ignorant buyer at first, I ended up with a looping yoyo rather than a butterfly. I got a Duncan Bumble Bee b/c thats what I had as a kid. I’ve got a few tricks down with it, but it tends to die out mid trick and it is nearly impossible to land on the string.

After watching the tutorials on here and reading some reviews, I feel ready to upgrade to the Dark Magic. I am really interested in 1A, but offstring also caught my eye. Would the DM work for both? I know the lack of rubber might be a problem, but I tend to play on carpet anyways, so hopefully that would reduce the impacts for a beginner.


Yes - it can work. I believe AKan3a uses it for OS. Also, Shane Karan won Nats once with it.


Yes - it will be fine, as long as you don’t drop it on anything hard. I personally use it for off-string, and even André used it on off-string for his Operation: Dark Magic 2 video.

I use it more than my aquarius because the gap and it already has about 700 dings in it so i can make it 701.