dark magic 2

yoyojam should make a dark magic 2.5 where the rims are painted gold ;D

I think there is a special edition where the rims are gold and the body is escpecially painted nicely. This idea is already invented but IDK the name and such.

dont scold me for saying this website but it is the BillyBob’s dm1 special and the rims are gold anodized and its royal translucent blue with gold color caps but sadly they are pretty much discontinued now but they have a few on BillyBob’s…

You’ve been scolded - jhb8426

There was a YoYoExpert special edition called the Royal Dark Magic. It had gold anno rims, a red body, and clear caps with a cool playing card style king and DM logo printed on them. It was limited to 100, but it’s been sold out for a while, as far as I know. You can find them on b/s/t’s and eBay occasionally though, for under $50.