Dark Magic 2

Anyone getting the newly designed Dark Magic 2, I can already tell that they will sell out really fast…

what do u mean newly designed?

What, is there a new Dark Magic in the release timeline?

I’d probably get it if there was one, but right now I’m very pleased with my DM2.

Are you sure that isn’t the LEGACY II that you thinking about?

Well the design on the side of the Dark Magic has changed

Mmm k. I just heard that there will be a legacy 2. I hope so…either way is fine.

Oh really? When?



Wow cool when was it released?

I think nationals…probably

Oh okay well what do you think of the DM2 special edition?

Please post a link to the pics when describing this kind of stuff. And it looks great! http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/4/YYJ-Dark-Magic-II

Got one on the way…

That is a good lookin yoyo

It looks like, based on the cap design, a call-back to the MasterMagic web site.

The cap graphics are a little too busy IMO, but this is a very handsome throw. I like it. Are those black rims still aluminum? They look plastic in the pic. If the rims are plastic this would have far less appeal to me.

My guess is anodized aluminum rims. If it was plastic, it wouldn’t be a DM2, it might as well be a Legacy II because the weight would be different.

I also think the side graphics are a bit busy. Then again, the caps on the normal DM2’s sold here are kind of busy as well, but it’s just a different kind of thing going on. I bet these caps are a lot “flatter” and probably won’t rattle.

Yeah Chris, I’m certain you are correct about the rims. It just couldn’t be called a DMII if the rim weight was altered.

I am a graphic artist by trade so I am probably more critical of cap design than the next joe. I really like the look of this yoyo. I have a Dark Magic and not a DMII now. I’m thinking real seriously about buying this Special Edition, I really like the look of it. A lot.

does it play any different? Because if it doesn’t i think I’ll just stick with the “original” dark magic 2.

I think it’s just a DM2 with black anodized rims and a different cap, and $5 more. I’d say that if you already have a DM2, no need to get this unless you really just have to have it. If you don’t have a DM2 or are considereing one, it’s an interesting color option. As I said before, the black and red contrast nicely. If you like YYE customized throws, this would be one to get for sure. If you’re into limited editions/rares, that’s another reason to get it.

I’m going to pass on this one. I have a blue DM2, I love it, it’s my main throw still. But, this special edition one does look pretty sweet.

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