Dark Magic 2 Won't Bind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Dark Magic 2 Won’t Bind at all. I’ve looked at tons of tutorials ( including Andre Boulay’s and yoyocrazy(dot)com’s) and it just won’t bind. I am trying to do the brain twister bind.


You’re going to find that binding from a Braintwister mount is a little more difficult than binding most other ways. It’s hard to explain, but when you’re trying to bring the loop into the gap from a BT mount, you’re moving the loop in the direction of the yoyo’s spin. This makes things tougher, and when it does work can tend to lead to snaggy returns. When you try to bind from a Braintwister, you’re actually binding from an Under Mount.

Better is to mount the opposite of a BT mount – where the loop is on the other side (outside) of the yo. In other words, get into an Over Mount and perform a Frontstyle bind. This way, you’ll be bringing the loop into the gap in the opposite direction of the yoyo’s spin, typically resulting in a clean, snappy and reliable bind.

This isn’t to discourage you from trying to bind from a BT, just understand that it’s a little more tricky and not nearly as reliable and clean a bind. Depending on your play habits and yoyo, it might also require more than one wrap to reliably return.

its because the yoyo is spinning one way so you cant do the braintwister bind. try just doing a forward trapeze and bringing the loop into the gap