Dark magic 2 - strings


Im thinking of getting a dark magic 2.

What strings do you recommend I get for it.


100% polyester. do the same with everything that is not a looper.


I haven’t mastered bind returns yet. Is this a problem with 100% poly.


Nope any string will do. Bind or no bind. Many people do prefer poly though, me included.


I’ve only ever used 100% cotton. How do they act differently.


poly hurts less. it breaks less. it is SLIGHTLY less responsive, but to be honest, it makes no difference in the binding area.


I’ve noticed you can get thick strings. How do these differ.


thicker is generally more responsive.



that is what I use for my DM2 and love it.


I am starting a school club and plan to buy about 15 YYF spinstar. As they will beginners should I use 100% cotton, 50:50 or 100% poly.


My preference is 50/50 cotton/poly (slick 8). The 8 strand tends to cut into my finger less than the 6 strand. The blend lasts longer than 100% cotton. Don’t care much for 100% poly myself.


The 8 strand strings will make binding easier when you are ready to learn binding. But they may snag when you go to learn whips and slack tricks, depends on the yoyo.