Damaged Loop 900


I recently ordered a loop 900, when it arrived in the mail, the axel was slightly bent and there was one sizable chip on either wing. From this i assumed somebody already used this yoyo and caused this damage. I informed the company and they sent me another loop 900 in the EXACT same condition. Am i going crazy or are loop 900s supposed to be smooth all around, and have a perfectly strait axle.
I’m sorry if this is in the wrong section.
I ordered my yoyo from Billy Bobs Bait and Tackle Emporium. i wouldn’t recommend anybody buy from them. bad customer service…

Please don’t mention other other on-line stores. Thanks skitrz


Contact the place of purchase and have them honor the warranty. I find it odd how a second would do the same thing.

Did the items ship in their retail packaging? Were they in a box for shipping or at the very least in a padded mailer? If boxed, was some packing material included, such as foam, peanuts, wadded paper or bubble wrap? What condition did the package arrive in?

I received a pair of not very used Loop 900’s via BST, they showed up in a padded mailer I think. They are playing just fine.

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I’d guess the problem to be with the postal service or packaging. I would suggest that you try ordering from YoyoExpert. The service is fantastic :wink: .


But that’s one of my favorites!!! :wink:


I used to think Billy Bob’s was a real yoyo store…


What??? You mean it’s not???


Okay that happened with loop 900s man that’s bad service that or you might want to contact the maker of it because that’s just wrong!


Ah, the best editing job from a Moderator.

On topic, it seems like it’s either the Post Service or retailers fault.


I know right? Apparently they don’t sell chiefs. The forum lied.


Buy from yoyoexpert next time :smiley: