Daily Carry

What do you carry daily?
Post pics.

Saw this on YYN. Wondered what you guys carried.

String and a condom. Haha. I’ll post mine tomorrow.

Hey gotta be safe right? Never know. ;D

What’s with the envelope opener?

String Cutter.

That’s what I was thinking in my head. :stuck_out_tongue:


For the lulz, just for you Matt.

Wallet, hair glue, deo, lanyard with keys and usb’s (I rhymed), legacy, wrist band. And…yeah.

this is a great idea and i will be posting a pics in a couple of hours


Hahahahaha, lulz achieved.

matt in your daily carry whats thats brown little package thing. And ill be posting mine once i get my dingo

Erm… condom.

I’ll post mine later. Actually, no, I won’t. I’m just saying I will so I have a reason to post this. :stuck_out_tongue:

27? Really? Lulz!

In a bag lol

i counted 39

You don’t know how to count, 29 things are visible :stuck_out_tongue: well actually 30 counting the lanyard.

But the lanyard itself + the things attached to it sums up to 11.

this is what i carry


Gotta love Kentucky’s concealed carry law. I can conceal my yoyo and my gun ;D

what model pistol is that and if i was 21 i carry my glock17 or my 1911 with a custom serial number it was built by my grandpaw before he died and he was a master gunsmith

Its a FNP-40 (.40 Cal) its a model by Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal its a Belgium gun make known better as FN. They make the popular FN-P90 which you see in a lot of video games.

My gun is actually made in the USA ( I only buy US made guns). I have a lot of guns but I’m currently trying to obtain more yo-yos since ive learned eli-hops they’ve become more deadly for me :smiley:

i love the p90 and i also have a lot of guns i love them