Cypher trouble.

Hey guys I have what might be a newb question here but I nee help non-the-less. So I have had my cypher for a while but just got it out of the box today (It’s the golden galaxy color way got it well in vegas at the YYE stand!) and played it for probably about 2 hours or so. Well on my last throw I threw a knot on the bearing that I couldn’t pick out. So I began to try to untwist the yoyo. This is probably the tightest yoyo I have ever had screwed together. It took all I had/was comfortable with, to untwist the yoyo. It felt like it was grinding for the first three to four full twist then went into the smooth untwisting you’d normally expect. I got the knot out and twisted it back together and again well twisting it back up It was super super hard to twist all the way back together. Well first throw after everything is fixed my cypher is now responsive. So now i go through the whole process again to try and take the bearing off which i still can’t seem to do. It is in the freezer now haha. Just wondering if anyone could help me out here? Is there something I can do to loosen things up a bit? Oh and the axle is also stuck in the yoyo.

As well as the bearing will only spin for about 5-10 seconds

Thanks- YYN

Um, Possible something got in the bearing? Nothing about screwing the yoyo together should cause responsiveness…
And generally, the first unscrew is pretty tight (well my cypher was), so don’t fret too much, but don’t be careless
Also, try not to unscrew too often; try using a tooth-pick to un-knot the knot,


So after an hour freeze the bearing still wont come out of the bearing seat and I have owned probably about 70-80 yoyos the majority of which have been YYF and i have never seen a yoyo the screws and unscrews like this. It is abnormal trust me haha Maybe something wrong with the bearing seat I am unsure??

Sorry you’re having trouble with your Cypher. The bearing seats on them can be a little tight sometimes which is the grinding/tightness you’re experiencing. If the bearing is responsive it could have been caused by getting small metal shavings from the bearing seat in there or something like that.

Taking the bearing off, cleaning it, and sanding down the bearing seats a little bit should fix the problem but if you can’t get the bearing off then you can’t really do that.

If you’d like to send it back to us we can definitely take care of it for you. Email or call and we can arrange for you to send it in free of charge!

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My Golden Galaxy Horizon is the exact same way. Squeals loudly when unscrewing and it was a challenge to get apart. I can also see the anodizing being chipped off on the bearing seat on the side its not stuck in because the bearing is so tight.

Ok thanks Garret! You guys have the best customer service ever! Your always so quick to respond it makes me want to do business with you guys more! I’ll shoot you guys an email right now thanks!

i find it hard to not heavily judge a company when people say not to take the yoyo apart…

its not just yyf either, ive read it about a handful of companies.

Sorry about your cypher.

Any yo-yo that is made to be taken apart can be taken apart.

i understand, but there are plenty of yoyos that people (on this forum) recommend unscrewing as little as possible. cant find an example on the fly but i seent it.

I’ve seen this recommended on the forum a lot too, which always seemed strange to me. If you are careful taking them apart it shouldn’t be an issue at all. I always wonder how people clean their bearings? If I am using my yoyo’s a lot i end up having to clean the bearing every week or two. I even took my old spinfaktors apart a lot without issue and those were dependent on a tight thread for the adjustable gap.

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Heyyyy problem has been solved no need to be fighting over little things.

JHB or any moderator you can Lock this thread now! thanks!

“fighting” ::slight_smile:

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