Cypher review

I love it, it seems big to me, but it throws great, and has a long enough spin time to fit it what i want to fit in, its all around great, and i would recommend it, it was deffenitely worth 20$ in prague pack.

Nice. Is it worth the 60$ that it costs now??

It plays well, but I find it boring.

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I don’t have any high end throws. The fanciest thing I’ve had up until the Cypher was a DV888 and a Zeekio Zenith. The Cypher blows them all out of the water. It’s soooooo smooth, perfectly balanced, and the anodized finish (at least on the Prauge version) is amazing.

Again maybe I just don’t know what it’s like to throw a high end yoyo but IMO this is the best yoyo I could ever imagine. Love it.

Only downside to this is that I believe it’s made in China and I like to support USA workers.


And I’m sure you like to support Chinese workers.

P.S MYY makes awesome yoyo’s. So there’s that.

Gotta support those 8 year olds.


Like 99% if not 100% of YYF yoyos are now made in China. O by the way so is Ducan yoyos. All China made are not necessarily bad throws. Just means they are apparently made with a lesser quality material if not the same material at a cheaper rate an hour. Merica!

Really? I really hate that when there I something is made in China, people just assume they were made by 8 years old. China is way more developed than you think. Just some bad examples does not mean all of them are that bad. I mean have you seen the Amazon Storages in US?

And likewise don’t let that dude’s ignorant comment reflect the views of everyone in the US. We are not all like that.


plz. MYY is teh lowest end brand even in china and a yyj classic is better than all MYYs.

Just curious how many MYY do you own?

How about these yoyos that are made in China? They play like YYR.

Oh and on topic again, the Cypher plays really well, I really like oversize to normal sized yoyo and I like this almost as much as my Aviator, and YYF is on a roll with all these good yoyo coming up, like the Spacecowboy.

Yeah, most people have a sense of humor.

I’m almost sure the n12 outplays the classic…

Oooohhhh… You were joking about children forced into harsh labor work?? Yea I get it now… Hilarious.

N12, purple line, n11, dark sprite, Are all 500 times better than a yyj classic.

You can’t even argue.

Btw I own two classics and those 4 above

I was poking fun at Mazdarx7fd for being offended when you said that you like supporting Americans.

I’ve worked in multiple manufacturing and warehousing facilities in America. Anyone who wants to support “the American worker” is foolish. Most companies like this that are in the United States are owned and run by out-of-country companies.

The funny thing is, when they do bust a factory for child labor, it is usually owned and run by American companies or individuals. i.e. Kathy Ireland’s factories, I believe Martha Stewarts factories were also run with child labor.

When you buy from China, you are supporting the growth of capitalism, which is how America came to be where it is, by other countries trusting a developing nation to produce their products for them.

I will conclude by apologizing to everyone who’s not an American citizen, and to the Americans like me who don’t have a blind-arrogance about our own country. And with that I will end my rant.

Child labor aside, China still does have a reputation in lots of industries as having less than acceptable quality standards. I know of and work with several very large engineering firms that will not accept material from China or India. I doubt yoyos require such quality control, but they don’t do that for no reason.