Cypher bs. Shutter

The title says it all. I already have most of the other Yoyofactory budget metals, and I like the shu-ta and Too HOT best. My play style is more slowish and I do a lot of horizontal. Is the cypher good for horizontal?

I have two Shutters and they are awesome! I’d imagine it being easier to do horizontals with Shutter based off it’s shape. But don’t count on me, wait for other peoples opinions!

Shutter shape looks like it’s probably the better shape for horizontal, but if you already have the Shu-ta then i would steer away from the Shutter. From your perspective it’s going to be a bad Shu-ta

Shu-Ta is better than the cypher at horizontal

Maybe try out a budget metal from another company like the C3 accelerator

Just picked up the accelerator and level 6. They’re amazing aren’t they?