Cyclops String Cutters Review

Hey all! I’m writing up a review of Legodudester’s Cyclops String Cutters (found here:,106240.msg1121373.html#msg1121373). Legodudester was kind enough to send me a sample one of his string cutters for me to test out and review. Immediately when I received the package I was stunned by the detail he put into designing it.

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For being made out of clay, the string cutter I got was rather detailed. In fact, I was surprised he was able to make the string cutters as compact as he was, while being able to retain the small details such as the orange holes on the clay piece. As far as an artistic piece is concerned, the Cyclops String Cutters are top of the line. As opposed to carrying around some traditional string cutter, you can pull out a cool conversation piece. Whether it’s one of Legodudester’s original creations, or a custom order you put in, you’ve got something to talk about at contests whenever you’re shortening your string. Riding in the car to the Northeast Regional Contest, I showed off the string cutter to HighSpeedYoyo’s Jared Alperin, who was also impressed at the detail Legodudester put into creating it. And seeing all of the custom orders he’s been able to whip out since he started, there’s an infinite number of possibilities for your own customized string cutter.


One thing that I probably love most about Legodudester’s designs is that he always leaves the blade in a hard to reach spot, so that you never nick yourself on the razor by accident. Up until getting the Cyclops String Cutter, I was using a pretty traditional “Duncan Equals Love” string cutter that, while the blade is mostly out of the way, I have sliced my thumb on grabbing it out of my backpack before. But the way the blade is carefully positioned in the back of the neck makes it totally impossible to grab the blade on accident, while still making it easy for a string to reach. However, I did find some issues using the blade to cut string. On my sample run the blade was rather dull and had some issues cutting string without me putting in a good deal of effort to make that happen. I let Legodudester know as soon as I got it, and he’s installed all future runs with sharper blades that will cut string easily. As an added bonus to these string cutters, all of them are equipped with keychain holders that will make it easier for you to carry them around, a feature that my other string cutter didn’t have.


The one thing that I really wondered about when it came to these string cutters was the matter of durability. Would a clay piece like this really stand the test of time? And, after having mine for quite some time, I’ve never once had an issue of it falling apart or showing any signs of wear and tear. It’s in just as good condition as when I got it. And how about the keychain attachment? I’ve never seen it wearing apart, either. Admittedly, I’ve never tried throwing the string cutter against the wall or running over it with a car, but for general use, this thing will hold up to being thrown around your backpack or yoyo case.


On the whole, I think Cyclops String Cutters are a great investment. You get to pick out whatever character or design you want and get a nifty conversation piece. At considerably low prices for custom jobs, there’s no reason not to pick one up.

Is the clay ceramic?

Old thread, but to answer your question, it seems to be some super strong polymer product. Super cool item to have. I love the ones I have ordered.