Cyclon Mods Large Bearing FHC: A High Speed YoYo Review

The Duncan Freehand Zero has got to be the undisputed workhorse of the yo-yo world. Introduced back in the late 1990′s as the Duncan Freehand, this yo-yo has gone on to win championships. Most recently, Tyler Severance used one to win his 2007 5A title at Worlds. What makes this yo-yo so resilient to the effects of the ever-changing tastes of the yo-yo industry is a killer combination of price and mod potential. This is THE go to yo-yo when you want to change things up and create something new. Mod experts like Chris “Ricerocket” Rice, Joey “Luke Vader” Penland, Perry “Modfather” Prine, and Alex “Cyclontzy” Franke have gone on to make huge names for themselves in the community. Their mods range from simple silicone recesses to the most complex of complete yo-yo reshapes and they all use the FHZ as one of their canvases of choice when applying their art. You read that correctly, I do consider modding an art form in the yo-yo world just as I consider a one off car designer like Chip Foose an artist. It takes a level of skill and experience along with an eye for detail to take a decently working yo-yo and turn it into one that performs as good, if not significantly better, than the original design. Today we are going to take a look at the latest from Cyclon Mods, the large bearing FHC. Will this be another in the long line of Picasso grade mods or is this more the crayon artwork that my son likes to hang up on the fridge?

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