Does anybody here cycle?

I watched last year’s USA Pro Challenge and Tour de France and this year’s Tour de Romandie and the currently going Giro d’Italia and I am really enjoying it. I have a bike, but it’s not really too good for just regular old biking.

Anyways, if anyone here cycles either for competition or as a hobby, what would you recommend for a good road bike under $500-600?


I cycle!

At the $500-600 range, most everything will be the same and it comes down to what fits the best. And because of that, I would suggest going to some local bike shops and see if they have anything on sale at that price range.

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Absolutely…reduce, reuse and recycle…


Yep, been a cyclist for about 17 years. As was stated about, that’s a decent price to pay for someone to pay that is starting to get somewhat serious about riding. You’ll get a decent frame for that price but you’ll have to upgrade parts along the way.

I can’t stress enough how important a proper fitting bike is. It is THE most important thing. If the bike doesn’t fit, you won’t enjoy riding at all thus making that $$$ you just spent completely pointless.


Thanks for the help, guys. Now, my next question, seeing how important sizing is, if I don’t have a bike shop near me, how do I tell which size frame to get?


There are online sizing charts, for any type of riding. They are fairly universal. I also highly recommend a bike with shimano 105 derailleur, especially in that price range. You will thank me.


Depending on your inseam helps determine standover but reach is also super important and your flexibility.

If you can swing slightly above your budget, I noticed this Ridley for a good price.


I really like the look of that Ridley. The budget I put down is just for starters. I have no money right now, so it would require some saving up either way.

Would it be cost effective to upgrade my current bike? It’s a Huffy bike, aluminum frame I believe. If so, what should I look to upgrade on it.


I wouldn’t bother with upgrades on that bike. Maybe the saddle so you can swap it over to whatever new bike you get.

You could just get clothing such as a decent jersey, bib, gloves, helmet. Maybe try some clipless pedals and shoes.

Depending on the bike, you might do alright with it for a while. Fitness will always trump equipment!


I don’t road bike per se, but I do ride a lot. BMX Race. And the thing about clipless, be careful when you first get them. It’s not fun to fall when you’re still attached to the bike. I use these personally, and I love them. Only once did the spring break, and I’m pretty sure that was after I smashed into the ground in a turn. You can adjust how tight they are, and that really helps when you’re learning to use them.


Hey guys, I just discovered that my bike is designed more towards women. Now what?


Doesn’t really matter most of the time. The idea behind women’s frames is that they’re built differently, etc etc, but 2 men of the same height can also be vastly different. There are no universal mens or womens sizings and fits so riding it probably isn’t a big deal.

That said, what bike is it?


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So, you’re suggesting I don’t get a new bike, but just make my self more stream-lined or whatever with what I’ve got?

Just an update, I have been riding a one-mile hilly course for a few days now and in the last three days, I've brought my time down from 6:53.3 to 5:44.8. My fitness levels are certainly improving, but I want to hit 5:00.0 by the end of the month.


Another question:
Can somebody share links to good quality (not necessarily the highest, but not the lowest) gear? Jersey, shorts, gloves, shoes, etc.


Yeah, a proper road bike is going to be vastly different so don’t spend any money on trying to improve that thing.

What you could also try to do is just check out craigslist and see if anyone is just trying to get rid of something.

In terms of clothes, I would seriously find a local store and try stuff on. Ordering online only works if you know exactly how stuff is going to fit you.


I don’t have any shops near me. I love in a mountain and 30-minutes from anywhere and there are no bike shops for about an hour. :smiley: #foreveraloneandfinewithit


Update time: I ordered some gear using a size chart. I have a jersey and some polarized sunglasses (good for fishing, which I also enjoy), and I have planned a 24-mile bike ride with one of my cousins.


Found an old bike in my basement that used to belong to my Dad, but he gave it to me. I got new tires/tubes, lubed the chain/gears and tried it out. It’s an old Cannondale Hybrid 600. Gotten my best mountain 1.2 mile down to 4:54.7 and still improving every ride. Things are all falling into place nicely for me.