Off to basic for the AF. Ill be gone for 2 months, but will be back ready to throw!

I will be offline right after I post this, and this is not a goodbye, but see you later!


Keep your nose clean. :wink:


See ya


We shall miss you bro


Have a good time. :wink:


See you soon!


We’re all going to talk about you behind your back while you’re gone, just so you know.

In all seriousness, later dude.

(G2 Jake) #8

Thank you!


What is that?


Off to basic training for the U.S. Air Force. He’s an enlisted man!


cool! have fun flying a plane! don’t forget a yoyo!


Stay strong bud, It’ll be over before you know it.

(WildCat23) #13

Not everyone in the AF fly’s a plane…

Bye! Good luck!


Keep Spinning! and thank you!


See ya later alligator!


See you later. :slight_smile:


Ill be right behind you in a year!




yay!!! You missed quite a bit by the way :wink: If you haven’t caught yourself up one drop and CLYW have both announce a plastic throw the Rally and the Yeti which I’d proclaimed to be the best plastic Yukki has ever thrown. Augie is back and sponsored by C3. Ann has her own signature YYSL colorway line.And probably a lot more has happen that at can’t remember at 6:30 in the morning :slight_smile:


Haha if anything else has happen let me know!

I noticed a second run of the majesty? Time to get in touch with Ernie. :wink: