And, And, And Another. ;)


what do you call this kind of tricks?..

from 1:43-1:44

I mean the throwing the yo-yo in the mid-air…


Looks like some sort of whip he made up.

(J. Lev) #3

I do believe the proper term is “Airs.” Its basically an upward throw. It is a relatively unexplored area of yoyoing, and you won’t find many tutorials on stuff involving airs. This means that you should forge ahead and make them yourself, which is equally fun!

For more Airs, check out this video by Augie Fash, “Motion Sickness”


Why does he always get exited when he lands the tricks is he autistic or something.

(J. Lev) #5

No… he just likes to dance.


:’(… I do the same thing. The more technical the trick, the more I tend to make a fool of myself afterwards. lol ;D


Hahaha!!! That totally made my day! :smiley:
I was just goofing off. I was also excited because some of those tricks too me over an hour of filming to land. The long laceration combo gave me tendinitis for 2 weeks straight.


Hey augie where did you get that yyf jacket.


Probably when he got sponsered.


YYF gave them to team members at BAC (+maybe Worlds) 2005. :smiley:


Sorry if this is 100 % off-topic, but… Augie does come back from time to time, he never left permanantly. :slight_smile:


No one in this thread insisted he left permanently.


They have in other threads, and I didn’t want to necro.

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Necro = Bad


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Thread Necromancy

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Im glad some one did necro because that vid is freaken awesome… Augies my hero

Though airs are realy cool…


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