Some Help please??

Alright here’s my favorite video of my favorite player…

Around :35-:55 and again at 1:05-1:14 Augie does these sweet almost like Jade whips but keeps whipping and… Well How does he do it?

And does any one know what the song is?

Skill and Practice.

Well said. ;D

I do believe the proper term is “Airs.” Its basically an upward throw. It is a relatively unexplored area of yoyoing, and you won’t find many tutorials on stuff involving airs. This means that you should forge ahead and make them yourself, which is equally fun!

Iron whip suicides? I do those all the time.

Its not the airs Im trying to do its the

Im having some trouble

String tension is a big key in getting them. Neutral string tension will give you a nice loop to catch.
Also it takes a lot of time to really get it. I learned from a video like that so you can do it. Just keep at it and one day it will click.

The song is Mr Smiley by Mustard Plug.

Well im not as advanced as Augie but he practices alot.
He’ probably came up with that trick himself.


I’ve never seen Augie Fash throw before. That was amazing.

He is awesome.

Man, what rock have you been under…

Nah but really… He’s awesome… Just youtube Augie Fash…