TTTYO Collection- Packed up!

Hey guys and gals! I am leaving in one week, so the collection is getting put away for 7-8 months. I took a pic of my main case (24 yoyo’s). I have two more other cases of 12 each, but this is my main case.

I will post the names below pic. Enjoy! :wink:

Row 1
YYF Winston Genesis
YYF Neon Yellow Protostar
YYF Genesis ± Black with silver speckle.
Magic yoyo T5- Purple
Magic N12- Dark blue.
DM2- White

Row 2
Werrd Hour- Purple
C3 Dark Sonic- Green
OD Code 2- Skygrass
OD Dietz- Green
C3 Capless- Black with blue splash
Yomega Glide- Black with green splash

Row 3
C3XClyw H5XChief- Northern lights
Clyw Puffin- Concerete blizzard
Clyw Avalanche- New run Dog fish creek
Clyw- Ill Vibe black FG
Clyw Sasquatch- Black with copper splash.
Clyw Artic Circle- Black with green speckle.

Row 4
Recrev freq wave- Purple/Green
Deadly Spins Wrath- Blue/Silver splash with silver speckle (YYE Edition)
Missing whole(AMEN Model 10)
Gen Yo- KLR Comp grade
Gen Yo- Black/Red Model 10
Gen Yo- PPM Majesty

Thanks guys!

I will update my collection when I come back!!!

Where are you going? And are you taking some yoyos with you?

Military. No throws for the first 8 weeks, but after that I will have one with me until I come back.

Thank you for your service in advance! And at least you’ll have one! What’s the weapon of choice?

Gotta bring the Code 2. I carry it everywhere I go, so it is going to be hard to not have it for a while.

Thank you for the thanks!!

Going to Boot? What branch?

Haha yeah. AF

Chair force :stuck_out_tongue: But in all seriousness, good choice. I was between Navy and Air Force when I joined. Boot isn’t bad, just keep your mouth shut and do what you’re told. Tell your family/friends to write you ALOT. Its nice to get stuff at mail call.At least for me, time actually went by pretty fast. Good luck and thank you in advance for your service.

Haha. I was in between Navy and AF. Long deployments and being a seaman, made me pick AF.

When did you enlist?