New full sized video with a new editing thing I’m trying. I thought it was pretty good. Watch in HD.
Enjoy!  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

(SR) #2

Why the frick are you so good dangit. You’ve been throwing way less than I am and your tricks are better than some of mine.



Intro was a little long. One round of the footage of you checking your string and such would have been sufficient. Other than that I enjoyed the editing and your tricks!


Thanks guys! I’ll keep the long intro thing in mind next time.


Awesome as usual.


Haha, thanks.




Great Job!!! You already know what I think of your skills though!!! Rock on dude!!




Really great stuff! As others have said, intro a touch long. I liked the editing technique you were experimenting with, but I think the key is to use it more sparingly. A few times in the video, and cut to the “same” clip no more than 3 times, IMO.

I sort of learned something from you, which is a first for me: never tried grabbing a trick from a straight-up video before; always use tutorials.

At 2:09 there’s this neat finger-grind to… rim…?..grind…? to bind that I liked. I managed to get it a few times, but it’s very inconsistent. I wonder if I’m missing something? The main thing would be: is that from a breakaway or a sideways sleeper? Next: do you have any secrets for getting the throwhand “pull” to cause the bind to happen? Most of the time I end up just pulling the loop out of the gap. :wink:

Really cool stuff, Andrew.


Thanks, the throw is a breakaway, but you have to throw the yoyo really hard so it doesn’t lose spin. Just give it a tug and depending on how much spin it has left and the response pads, it should bind.


Thanks! I was doing it right, I guess… I just suck. LOL! I did manage to get bind a few times, so there’s hope.


Good Job! You’re pretty good!




Great video as always, Andrew! You never fail to wow me. :slight_smile: keep it up.


Dude he’s from New Hampshire!!! They totally ROCK up there!!! With a motto like “Live Free or Die” I mean… who can argue with that!!!


Hahah, we do!




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I dig seeing some front throws in your tricks!!