can anyone post a cut review. thanks ;D

best place to get reviews by dryoyo:
In my personal opinion I love it. It plays smoothly and sails through the air. Just make sure to get an anodized version for the better bearing and the ability to grind nicely

is the one in the site anodized?


will it still sleep long

and are the pads durible. cant i just put the bearing in?

Anodization doesn’t make sleep time better.

I don’t know about the pads. I’m sure they last a good time, but you’ll need to replace them eventually.


marc said that the anodized verois has a better bearing. so cant i just put that bearing in

If you have one, yeah.,43716.0.html

Anodizing only makes the surface look and grind better, and thats it.
The bearing is something new that Hspin is trying and out of what I’ve heard, it works really well. However, I’m pretty sure that the only way to get one is to buy an anodized version. The raw one is still a solid yoyo either way.