anodized plastic?

is it possible to put ano on a plastic?or at least make it grind better,i Know there is the pgm surface but what if we went beyond that

Annodizing deals with electric currents. The plastic would warp, melt, or burn. I have seen a chrome plated FHZ once…

The PGM finish can be found on the Whip and Velocity as well. I believe it was also incorporated into first run orange Northstars.

Plus even if plastic could be annodized, you’d end up paying 10-15$ more for the yoyo. You may as well buy a metal at that point…or at least a bi metal.

oh :-[

Haha. Sorry man. I didn’t mean to tank this thread so quickly. Just trying to be helpful.

ya i understand lol

If you are trying to refer to ‘recoloring’ a plastic yo-yo of yours, then that can be accomplished by a term called ‘dyeing’. Anodizing can not be done as it has to do with electricity (as mentioned above).

Hope that helped.

thanks guys, I now Know how to Air treat a yoyos surface to make it grind better

Oooh. Please share dude!

If all you want is a better grinding surface, satin it. It’s been done on plastic yoyos many times before. You do it the same as a metal. It just takes less time and effort.

Buy a grind king. All Teflon yo yo, grinds better then any metal yo yo.

You’re really not helping. He’s looking for a way to make a yoyo grind better. Not buy a new yoyo. And spiral satining, satining, and beadblasting a plastic will make it grind better.

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Also the grind king is one of few Teflon coated yoyos. It doesn’t make it the best because of it, people have different preferences as far as weight and size go. You’d be better off getting any bbd metal.

Maybe you could groove it somehow, like on the project.

Sometimes the best solution is a different option.

If you take the time=money principle into the equation, for the time spend by the original poster and others in regards to this topic of grinding, even with shipping, it is most likely a less expensive option to have simply purchased a yoyo already set up properly for grinding.

Similarly, I’ve proven authoritatively regarding a specific DMX lighting software product that “you don’t want to do anything similar to this type of scenario(playback of MIDI with or without backing tracks to trigger the lighting via MIDI using only one computer) or it will give you grief” and time and time again, people ask for help on this, I give the same help, and then they go do it anyways, have problems as I described, then come back whining about it, despite being told flat out “this isn’t a good solution!”

I figure, for my time, I’m best off buying a yoyo that’s already set up with specific features I would like to have as-is. I get the whole mod thing and wanting to do one’s own mods too. Been there, done that, just in a different area(not yoyos). Just saying, sometimes, instead of spending all this time and effort to tweak something, it might be just as easy to research a different yoyo that has what you’re looking for.

Yeah, you can spend a few dollars on sandpaper to satin your yoyo. Then your time to get it, the cost of bus fare, taxi, train, gasoline/diesel/AC for your car there and back, the preparation, the proper tools(AC powered drill or a lathe), PLUS the time to do it, and the chance of messing it up, well, when you add it up, what did you really save? Gained some knowledge, that’s for sure.

If you just go off and buy a yoyo that has already been modified to grind better, than what have you learned? The op is not looking for recommendations, he’s looking for a way to make the plastics he already has grind better. And he doesn’t have to purposely go out and buy sand paper, he can go when he also has to buy something else. Also, what if he doesn’t like the shape/play of a yoyo that grinds perfectly and likes just one plastic he wants to make grind better?

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Mod the shape of the perfect grinding yoyo, then he learned how to reshape.

No reshaping required. Grinding capability is all about the surface condition, not the shape.

Actually. Both play a role. Grinding depends on how much of the surface of the yoyo is in contact with your skin…the less contact…the longer the grinds.

Certain shapes lend to a better grinding surface. Blasting media creates divets in the aluminum which provide a better grind than straight anno.

Surface finish (anno or bead blast etc) does not equate to shape.

Do some research before you go and make pointless posts. The shape of a yoyo as long as it’s a butterfly shape doesn’t affect the grinding capabilities, it’ll grind fine after a bead blast or satin finish.