custom/randomized yoyo idea

NOTE this is an idea and the tools to make it work may not be real

ok so here is how it works you need a machine that can be program to generate a pattern based of values such as spacing color depth of lines and so on then be able to put the design on yoyo the patterns would have some in comon they look simalr i will post a picture of an exmaple latter but for now think of cheeta skin you know how its like a bunch of scribles it be a pattern like that but u could make the lines more or less spaced mutile colored and thiner or thiker as i said i will post exmaples latter im in school right now tell me what u think of the idea and if you know how we could make a machine like this or if one already excist

oh and sorry for the above post being hard to understand as said im in school and not suppsoed to have phone out

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