Custom Bearing? Narrower than a C, not as narrow as a Half Spec - Available???


Does anyone make a bearing that is narrower than a size C, but not as narrow as a Half Spec? Maybe closer to a .180"?

Want to narrow the gap on one of my yoyo’s.


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I’ve had that idea. It would be nice or 3a players I’m sure.

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I’ve been mentioning this for years and haven’t found one yet. I really want them, as well.


you can find any size bearing you want, just not in a yoyo store.


Check at a hobby store. They normally have a large variety of bearings in the RC car area.


Thanks, I’ll try that.


It would be the best thing for us 3A players that favor less grippy response


I know a bearing place by my house that will make custom bearings, wanna send me the specs you want and I’ll get a quote?


Check your PMs, Aaron


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the usual approach to “need to fine tune the string gap”, to “try out thicker/thinner strings”?


He’s looking for a step change, more than you’d get with string thickness.