Custom Bearing? Narrower than a C, not as narrow as a Half Spec - Available???

Does anyone make a bearing that is narrower than a size C, but not as narrow as a Half Spec? Maybe closer to a .180"?

Want to narrow the gap on one of my yoyo’s.


I’ve had that idea. It would be nice or 3a players I’m sure.

I’ve been mentioning this for years and haven’t found one yet. I really want them, as well.

you can find any size bearing you want, just not in a yoyo store.

Check at a hobby store. They normally have a large variety of bearings in the RC car area.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

It would be the best thing for us 3A players that favor less grippy response

I know a bearing place by my house that will make custom bearings, wanna send me the specs you want and I’ll get a quote?

Check your PMs, Aaron

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the usual approach to “need to fine tune the string gap”, to “try out thicker/thinner strings”?

He’s looking for a step change, more than you’d get with string thickness.