Does a wide "A" size bearing exist?

Not sure how to explain it but here goes.

I have a cheap Duncan metal drifter I take to work, so if I beat it up its no big deal.

However its a semi-responsive yoyo at best.

I was wondering if someone, somewhere made an “A” size bearing that had the same inner and out diameter of an “A” bearing but was as wide as a “C”?

I hope that I explained it well enough.

If you’re just looking to widen the gap try
a) shims/spacers
b) beefcaking it. (2 bearings in the gap)

Or you might be able to find the bearing outside of yoyo stores. Although the width of an A sized bearing and a C sized bearing is less than a millimeter difference. (.157" vs .187")

look for a 5x10x5mm bearing. It’ll be the same diameter as the A size, but 1mm wider.

I took out one of the pads to make my Drifter unresponsive.

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Why not try a string centering bearing?

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Terrapin X makes a one-piece beefcaked A size bearing. Might be worth looking in to.

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Yeah. My Metal Drifter has a CT.

I’ll look in to all those suggestions, If all fails I’ll just start bring one of my good yoyos to work.

Pick up a size A KK and Duncan slicone stickers to make it unresponsive.

First off, try cleaning the bearing. The responsiveness of a yoyo is primarily controlled by the condition of the bearing. Next, remove only one sticker. removing both will make it play horribly.

If all of that fails, dynikus’ suggestions are the most reliable next thing to try.