Custom anodizing

Well I guess the question is simple, who does custom ano now. Anyone around here take up doing basic ano if so could you shoot me a pm, just someone who could do two small pieces in solid colors for a little project of mine (one is ~1"x1.2" the other is ~2"x2.25" both cut out of 1/16" aluminum)

You might try to call around locally. Google turned up more than a dozen anodizers in your area.

The vast majority if not all are probably industrial anodizers.

I work with aluminum parts and use one locally to color some of the parts I need colored. Not difficult at all. Just call around. I drop off the part and pick it up. Easy.

Tell them Bigyoyo String sent you, please.

But just solid colours, right? Most of our local ones here only offer black or clear, so there’s that. I couldn’t speak to the OP’s city, though.

I’m in Seattle so most of the anodizers around me are industrial and would probably charge me through the roof because I am only doing 2 small pieces. I found appleton, their pricing isn’t bad and if I can’t find anyone else i’ll probably go with them. Honestly I was hoping i’d find a yoyoer who picked it up so I could try to trade a yoyo or two for the ano :stuck_out_tongue: I know there used to be someone on here I think their username was england and some numbers but it’s been a while since I remember seeing him.

There’s a guy on Facebook who picked it up, but who can say how good it is? There’s England1414, who did a Summit for me, but I don’t know if he’s taking orders right now.

Yea England says he’s done for now cause he’s at college but still might do things here or there so I sent him a pm. Any chance you could pm me the name of the guy on facebook?

Have you looked into gruntbull?

Gruntbull does some nice work!  Still have an old Gruntbull “Dirty Girl” G5 from years ago!!

Check him out  :wink:

England1414 made an official announcement that he will be open until January.,58450.0.html

Monkeyfinger does it, but it might only be on their yoyos that you can do the custom anodizing.

Won’t hurt to ask. MFD is doing a run of Quakes.