Custom anodized Skyline and a few 888s. Some new color Ricestacks.

I recently got a custom anodized (Gruntbull) Skyline from Businessnow in trade. It had nubs on it when I got it. Of course I had to outfit it with some Ricestacks! They are called Lathyrus.

I also recently received a Yuuki Quake 888 from See Bass. It had no stacks either, so I threw a set of Purple Velvet stacks on there

What I think to be a Jason Lee 888 B Grade with Ninja Ricestacks

This last one is my Augie 888. Love the yoyo, just not sure about the Silver Tetra stacks. Might have to keep looking for that perfect match

thats skyline looks awesome.

I think Chris need to quit going to the casino and stealing their dice! lol

where did u get yur staks?

I make them. YYE carries several of my translucent stacks, but I have been playing around with different dice as well.

You wouldn’t happen to want to sell that Augie 888 would you?

^^ Um, no. But I am on the lookout to add his purple brother back to the collection!

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Well, for the right price I could probably be persuaded :slight_smile:

How much were you thinking? ???

Let’s just say you’d have to “make me an offer I couldn’t refuse”. Don’t really want to sell it to be honest, but everything has a price!!

If you don’t want to sell it that’s fine. :slight_smile:

where did you get the 888s? i want to buy one, but not the 888x. can you tell me?

Mostly from trades through the boards.