Curve on the edge of a bearing issue

I have this YYF Superstar (old= hubstaked) and the bearing is locked (the one on the right)

–sorry about the blurry pic–
I noticed that every other C sized bearing I have (left one for example) had an curve on the edge - rather than being flat until the edge like the stock one… What happens is the yoyo has a little gap between the bearing and response that seems to add a bit of friction when played (like when thin string goes there).

I’d appreciate a recommendation of a ‘‘fully flat’’ bearing of a little better quality since it is kinda hard to see that from photos in the store. I was thinking maybe getting couple of half specs and doing a beefcake mod… would that work?

On a side note, I would also like to find a centering (kk, ct or whatever) bearing that doesn’t have this curve if you know what I mean…

Thanks for reading